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SL1 - 2/6/17

We will continue on explorations this week. Get your rough draft to me by Wed if you want feedback in time to correct over the weekend. Resources are linked below and here. See you in class,
Mr. Alei

SL 1: Week of 2/6/2017               (Previous Week - 1/30/17)

Mon 2/6:
Exploration - in class and as HW
Tue 2/7:
Exploration - in class and as HW
Drafts by Wed please!
Thu 2/9:
Exploration - in class and as HW

Exploration Resources

IB Questionbank, Class Notes, and other support
QB Statistics Practice
QB: #1-10 (2-Var Stats from MS)
Smartboard Class Notes - Statistics

Video support
Kahn Academy: Statistics

The fine print: See sidebar at right for links to previous assignments. Click on linked assignments to download notes for that section.  Dates above are when homework is assigned.  It is always due on the following class meeting.
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